As its name implies, this poem is composed of titles of songs that were popular in 1970. I have a list of the titles if anyone would like to see it.

 Let it be

just you

and me

this time

having tea

with the tillerman

in Cosmo’s factory;


déjà vu for the two of us

alone together, again, holed up

in the Morrison hotel, surviving

on one burnt weeny sandwich,

and cracklin’ rose wine,

                so close to you,

everything is beautiful,

but give me just a little more

time on this long and winding road,

for though we’ve only just begun, all things

must pass,

                 even as

                              American beauty roses wither,


in drought, or fire and rain,

their bruised petals scent the air

around our sex machine, shooting

at the moon, we cross a bridge

over troubled waters, hear

the madcap laughs of the star

sailor who claims

the moondance as his own

at the end of the game.


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