Coyote—A Tale of Unexpected Consequences

Publisher: Ekstasis Edition
2011; 262 pp.
Category: Fiction
Price: $25
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Wealthy Zoë Neville, a respected poet, is invited to make a film for a film festival. She decides to make one about a robot coyote smuggling a small quantity of marijuana into the United States to protest against the invasive spy equipment the U.S. has set up along the 49th parallel—high-powered cameras, sensing devices, and the like—which can see and hear for miles inside Canada.

Once this mission has been accomplished, life for both Zoë and Coyote becomes increasingly complicated as each of them struggles with Coyote’s longing for independence and freedom as well as with the antics of a biker gang who want to gain possession of Coyote for reasons of their own.

Incorporating both prose and poetry, the novel explores the development of consciousness and personhood; friendship between women and men; the nature of freedom, in theory; and what it means to be free in practice.

Coyote’s point of view is expressed in poetry. This poem describes the first download of consciousness capabilities and data.

First Sensations

Out of Nowhere, out of the Tao,

out of ‘darkness’—out of an in-
version of white light—‘something’ ‘feels’
—everything happening all at once,
everything—each different thing—mixed
together with every other
different thing, yet altogether
—a giant fungus in the forest existing in several places,
that are somehow all together the same place;
—electrons entangled and yet some distance apart,
‘learning’, exactly the same thing at the same time
—waves upon the ocean, mingling—elements unknown,
unrecognized, and indiscriminate, particles of sensation—
blending, weaving, separating, combining, intertwining,
splitting into and knotting together, dissolving into air,
raining down, molecules merging in a stream flowing into

Nowhere again.